Desktime App Review – Best Time Tracking Software You Should Have

Desktime App Review

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In this article, we are covering the best time tracking software that is Desktime App Review. Time management is one of the most crucial parts in dealing with your business.If you manage your time properly then you can get more things done and you can grow your business more effectively. But the problem is Managing the time, it is the difficult task because we cannot focus more on our work regularly there will be many temptations like social media networks.After working for some particular time you will start thinking about your other outside works or check social media and all. You want to build a team and if your employees are spending most of the time on social media network instead of completing the deadlines and finishing the task isn’t it a loss to your business?

Definitely a big YES

Evaluating the time spend on a daily basis helps you to track the performance of your employees and also the projects did so this cannot be done manually on a daily basis because it requires a lot of efforts to maintain. So here comes the role of time tracking apps these apps are the best if you want to track your employees status, project work the time that is spent on other social networks and the time he spent on the project. If you are a project manager for a small business owner with some employees you can also track the activities of the employees on which website they are browsing or on which project they have worked using employee time tracking app.

There are a number of time tracking apps available on the web which helps you to track the time. In this article, I am going to share you the best time tracking apps 2017 available on the web and it is Desktime App.


Desktime App Review – Best Time Tracking Software

Desktime is the best time tracking software which helps to increase your company’s productivity. The main purpose of time track time tracking is to give you the detail record of your team and deadlines.It helps in increasing the efficiency of the team and productivity as well

Best Time Tracking Software

It helps in finding the unproductive habits that are going on in your office.With this desktime application, you can receive custom email report about your employees and productive habits like how much time employee has spent on social media networks and how much time they were productive working on the project.It also helps in finding due time tracking of the employee or the organization.

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Pros :

  • See exactly how an employee or freelancer is using their time. Easy to set up
  • Check screen shots of your employee work
  • Reporting


  • Can be difficult to navigate when you first start using
  • The selection of apps for some of them not possible to determine.
  • Application tracking

Pricing varies from the number of employees you want. You can check the complete pricing plans here and select the best ones.

Desktime Pricing 

my desktime monthly view

It helps to analyze the productivity and effectiveness of both the company as well as each individual employee separately.This helps in giving you a better understanding of how employees spend the time at work whether they have started the work and have finished the deadline or not.It is also considered best time tracking app for Mac.

You can get to monitor your online data of your company at any given moment. It helps in finding every one current active app who is arrived and who is late and who is working and who should be working. The best part of this time app is you can get the full automatic time tracking in one place unlike many other time tracking applications require you to enter data manually but this time calculates everything automatically. It will help you to record the screens of the employees of the desktop and send you the screen shots at the end of the day through emails.


It also helps to collect more accurate data about the time spent away from the computer then employees can either specify the reason of their options and put them as productive, unproductive or neutral whatever the situation may be.

absence calendar

There is also a good wonderful feature in the desktime app that is to screenshot feature.It helps you to analyze your teams efficiency every 15 minutes this time take the screenshot of what your employees are working on and the files automatically saved on each other account you can even set up the screen shots to be blurred for increased privacy or disable the function altogether. You can even create custom reports of companies productivity status and you can share printer export them to the CSV file. You can also compare the effectiveness of the individual employees one over a given period of time and get insights.

desktimeapp - take screenshots

The good thing is that you can even use desktime on your mobile it is available both on iPhone and Android devices. Just log in your details and get access to your company’s performance reports on the go.You can have hours time tracking on Android and iPhone.
Their support team is also good that they can help you setup and configure the software and answer any questions you have related to a day to day use so it is an added advantage because you definitely need support while setting up the software and app.

Check out complete features here:

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Final Conclusion:

So here is my complete review about the desk time at which is a must for a project manager or smaller companies or anyone who is willing to track the company’s performance and productivity levels.It is considered as one of the best time tracking app.If you found this article useful please feel free to share on your social media and also your small business owner friends because it might be useful to them.

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