How To Stop Procrastinating – 21 Steps You Should Read NOW

How to stop procrastinating

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Hello friends, today in this article I am going to show you how to stop procrastinating using this 21 steps.I have recently completed the book ” Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy. I really loved the book and simple way of explaining so I want to reveal the same steps to you as a summary.

Who doesn’t procrastinate? Everyone does right? But for everything in life, there is a solution, same for Procrastination also. To overcome laziness and achieve great success life this book is highly recommended. I am reading this book 2nd time. I would highly recommend you to read this book if you are lazy but want to achieve great heights in your life.

eat that frog


Here are the 21 steps as explained in the book as a summary and key points, strategies for overcoming procrastination

#1.Set the table

In life to achieve anything you first should have a clarity of what exactly you want to achieve. Once your goal is clear the next thing you should do is take a blank white sheet of paper and make a list of 10 goals that you want to accomplish in the present year.
Now you have made a list , in that select 1 goal which by accomplishing would have the greatest impact on your life. This small exercise of writing alone can change your life.

#2.Plan Every day in Advance

Planning is very important in life. If you want to reach your goal you should have a solid plan. Begin today to plan every day, week, and month in advance on a sheet of paper.
Writing in physical form [on a sheet of paper] is more powerful than making a note in your mobile or desktop.
Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in the next 24 hours.
Prioritize the tasks you made by sequence. By doing this you’ll be amazed at how much your productivity has been increased and also how easier it is to eat your frog.

#3.Apply the 80/20 Rule to Everything

80/20 rule is the most powerful technique. It is also called as the Pareto Principle as it was found by Pareto.
The rule explains that do the 20% work that would give you 80% results.Consider the Consequences

#4.Consider the Consequences

Consider the consequences that what would happen if you complete the task and what would happen if you didn’t complete it.This single clarity will help you decide and accomplish the next task. One thing you have to remember while doing this is to think of the long term, not short term.

#5.Practice Creative Procrastination

Everyone cannot do all the tasks they have. One way or the other they procrastinate. So practice creative procrastination it means procrastinate on low-value activities and focus on high-value activities.

#6.Use the ABCDE Method Continually

The ABCDE method is a powerful priority setting technique that you can use it in your day to day life.It is very effective and simple to implement.
You have to think on Paper to use this technique.

Review your tasks now and put an A,B, C, D,E next to each task. Now you have prioritized your tasks, discipline yourself to do nothing until the first job is complete. Practice this ABCDE method for next month on every task you do and see the results.

#7.Focus on Key Result Areas

Analyzing your accomplishments help you more in being productive.Check the list and ask yourself or friends or boss or spouse about the results which you have given the best performance.This decision can change your life.

#8.Apply The Law of Three

Identify the three most important goals in each area of your life. Organize them by priority. Make plans for finishing the task and make this a habit. You will be amazed at what you achieve in the months and years ahead.

#9.Prepare thoroughly before you Begin

The first step to start or look productive is your environment. Resolve today to clean up your desk and office completely so that you feel effective, efficient and ready to get going each time you sit down to work.

#10.Take it one oil barrel at a time

Barrels here means Tasks. You have many barrels in your list. Select any goal, task on which you have been procrastinating and make a list of all the steps you will need to take to complete the task. So it says one barrel at a time.

#11.Upgrade your Key Skills

In life, you should always be upgrading your key skills. Determine the core skills you will need to have in the future to lead your field. Make a plan, increase your skills and decide to be the very best at what you do!

#12.Leverage your Special Talents

Ask yourself this questions.
“What am I really good at?
What do I enjoy the most about my work
What has been most responsible for my success in the past?
If I could do any job at all, what job would it be?
This is the key to unlocking your personal potential.

#13.Identify your Key Constraints

Determine the one constraint, internal or external, that sets the speed at which you accomplish the goal.
Ask ” Why haven’t I reached it already? What is it in me that is holding me back?

Take action immediately. Do something. Do anything, but get started.

#14.Put the Pressure on Yourself

Set deadlines on every task and create your own “forcing system”. Once you’ve set yourself a deadline, stick to it and even try to beat it.The race against your own clock. Beat your own deadlines.Make it a game and resolve to win!
Successful people continually put the pressure on themselves to perform at high levels.

#15.Maximize your Personal Power

Analyze your current energy levels and your daily health habits. Resolve today to improve your levels of health and energy taking actions. Practice that one habit over and over until it becomes a habit.

#16.Motivate Yourself into Action

Keep your mind positive by accepting complete responsibility for yourself and for everything that happens to you. Refuse to criticize others, complain, or blame others for anything. Keep your thoughts and your energy focused on what you can do right now to improve your life.

#17.Get out of the Technological Time Sinks

Technology is your friend, don’t become addicted to it. Use it more effectively to finish your tasks. Don’t become a slave to technology, use only how much needed.

#18.Slice and Dice the Task

Become action oriented and slice the biggest task into a small slice. Take action on it immediately.

#19.Create Large Chunks of Time

Think continually of different ways that you can save, schedule and consolidate large chunks of time. Use saved times to work on important tasks with long-term consequences. Make your every minute count.

#20.Develop a Sense of Urgency

Resolve today to develop a sense of urgency in everything you do. When you see an opportunity or a problem, take action on it immediately. Take care of the task quickly and report back fast.You will be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more you get done.

#21.Single Handle Every Task

Once you start your most important task, discipline yourself to persevere without diversion or distraction until it is 100% complete. Once you begin, refuse to stop until the job is finished.

Final thoughts:

So this was the key points from the book Eat that Frog!! Implement it and see results in your life.So this is the perfect book to know how to stop procrastinating and get things done.

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I would highly recommend you to grab this book.


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