YOUSHOPWEHELP – A Non-Profit Organization to do Charity for FREE


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Hello Friends, Today in this article I am going to share an initiative started to help the needy for free.

What is YouShopWeHelp?

Youshopwehelp is a Non-Profit Organization in Hyderabad started to help the poor people for Free of cost.
Yes, what you heard is right. You can do charity and help the needy people without paying anything extra.

Youshopwehelp Charity Model:

India has the highest growing Online buyers in the World. Many are addicted to online shopping.So we have tied up with Amazon and Flipkart to help the needy. Whenever you purchase from our links we get commission from Amazon and Flipkart. That commission will be totally donated to the poor people, orphonages.

Youshopwehelp- Non Profit Organization in Hyderabad Telangana

You can read about them more here

Check out the recent donations done.

“We can’t help everyone but Everyone can help Someone” – Dr.Loretta Scott

How You can do the charity?

Step 1: Simply Open Youshopwehelp website
Step 2: Search for the Amazon and Flipkart links [Products from the site you want to buy]
Step 3: Click on that link [It will convert into charity only if you purchase from this links]
Step 4: Buy the product you want to purchase from Flipkart and Amazon
Step 5: That’s it. You have successfully purchased the product and the charity will be done.

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Sharing is caring!

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